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May 20, 2018

We expect from you:

  • At least 1-2 years of experience in software development
  • Conceptual thinking and ability to abstract and divide thoughtful architectures into different levels
  • Thorough OOP paradigm understanding and a good understanding of modeling and design patterns
  • To be familiar with concepts such as race conditions, deadlocks and live locks
  • Good knowledge of English language

 For this position you’ll have to know:

  • Java or other object-oriented programming languages
  • Xslt/XML
  • UML or other modeling languages
  • Eclipse
  • Git

 Also, it would be nice to have knowledge about:

  • Model Driven Engineering, Domain Specific Languages and / or Matlab
  • Eclipse plugin
  • Acceleo or other Model to Text Language (MTL)
  • Eclipse: EMF, EGF
  • OCL
  • Xtext
  • Xtend
  • Agile development

You can expect from us:

  • Knowledge and support from more experienced engineers when needed
  • The best salary you can get for the value of your work
  • Respect for your private life and your choices
  • All tools required for high performance in your field
  • Continuous care of your well-being and an environment that invests in honesty
  • A responsible approach, long-term commitments, and stability