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Java Developer

March 6, 2019

We’re looking for a Java Backend Developer with minimum 3 years of experience, who also has Database knowledge with hands-on experience, while also being capable of understanding overall architecture (UX, integrating systems); you would be part of a team developing a single-page web-application that uses hedge funds investments operations meant to qualify transactional data. At the moment the project is expanding outside Europe towards United States and will touch one of the most appealing Industries out there: the Financial Industry. You will help create a concept which is new on the market, meant to improve operations into the Hedge Funds Investment area. With us you will be part of a mature team of mainly senior professionals, that works in an agile way and deals diligently with any challenges that arise. The team’s mindset is oriented towards consultancy where your opinion is valued as our main goal is to jointly shape the product with the customer and bring value thereafter.

Your role:
  • Implement new features in the backend, write integration tests and help Ux/Ui integrate with the backend;
  • Ensure code implementation is optimal and compliant in areas of object-oriented design, testing, and error-handling;
  • Work with database group on data models, proof of concepts and technical designs as required by the business;
  • Prepare documentation/diagrams of the overall architecture;
Match your skills:
  • Java Core;
  • Java Web (Spring stack);
  • Good database understanding (Sql, ORM)
  • Advanced English skills;
  • Proactivity;
Willing to develop:
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins, Docker, Cloud);
  • Linux;
  • No-sql;
  • Apache Nifi
About the project:

The project is focused on creating a brand new application in the financial industry, specifically in improving the portfolio management process – delivering value by assessing data during the portfolio valuation process.It will extract information in various types and formats from upstream systems , validate, aggregate and oversee it, then later-on it will provide this information to downstream systems in their predefined required formats.The client is a swiss software development company which has some of its own products in the financial industry, for accounting and planning of hedge funds.Accesa provided the client with a dedicated product team with senior professionals, all capable of contributing not only technically, but also in terms of business and process proposals. The team is dedicated to co-create the product, by shaping also the requirements together with the client.

Your team

You will be joining a team of 16 members, mainly senior professionals. The team is split in 2 parts: one in Cluj-Napoca (11 members) and one in Zurich, customer side, 5 members. Dealing with challenges is a part of our business-as-usual.