Cluj, Cluj-Napoca

Full Time


Java Developer

Sept. 16, 2021
What does this job do?

Here, in Evozon, among others, we’re building careers based on strong foundations. Specifically, JAVA. In terms of work, we value technical excellence and high-quality delivery. We’re also looking for passionate and kind people. Knowledge of Spring framework or SAP Hybris is a plus. If you’d like to know more about what does this job do, let’s meet for a virtual coffee and talk about it.

We value:
  • 2 – 5 years of work experience as a Java Developer;
  • Good knowledge of Java core and understanding of OOP principles;
  • Good knowledge of Spring framework (Core, MVC);
  • Previous exposure to Java web applications and technologies;
  • Knowledge of revision control system (GIT);
  • Good problem-solving abilities;
  • The ability and are eager to learn new tools, frameworks and technologies;
  • Communication with clients in English.
And we will be happy to see that you:
  • Understand Java web design patterns with the ability to apply them appropriately;
  • Understand ORM frameworks like Hibernate;
  • Are knowledgeable in integrating with 3rd party service providers, such as payment providers, shipping providers, etc.
  • Understand continuous delivery concepts and tools (e.g. Jenkins);
  • Are acquainted with Agile development methodologies like SCRUM.
What’s like working with us? You’ll get here and find:
  • A type of work that offers you challenging tasks and varied projects for clients all over the world;
  • A team with technical ownership over the solutions provided;
  • A collaborative team through the whole life cycle of the development process (YWNWA);
  • Benefits that include medical package, bonus vacation days every year or sport related benefits (swimming pool, gym) & more;
  • A healthy culture that we know you’ll love! You can also build on it!
Who we are:

Our Java community counts more than 99 people and we are focused on delivery, business & technical know how. At first when you join our crew you might be familiar with Java Web more but in the end you will get to know and love Hybris. 75% of our projects are based on Hybris e-commerce platform. Reason why we use it? It’s a highly customized platform for e-commerce challenges.

When It comes to frontend we develop it in JSP & Angular and the backend part is developed in Spring & Hybris.

The Evozon Java crew is the oldest and biggest Hybris partner in East Europe, which guarantees our community’s expertise in this type of business software.

We want to act as an one stop shop for our clients’ online shops and we really mean it. This is why we’re known for delivering A-Z services, anything that a client needs, from product discovery, to account management, customer relationship, marketing, testing, IT operations & devops and a few more that they might need along this journey.